From Jake’s Mind Opens

This happened while I was away.

And so I begin again.

From January 2005 (my senior year of high school) until April 2010 (shortly after I began my career as a professional journalist), I was a blogger. I felt like I was ahead of the curve when I started, writing on a variety of topics that mostly only my AIM friends could see. By the time I gave it up, I was a blip on the radar screen, one faceless writer out of millions with the ability to write on any of a zillion topics.

I gave up because I didn’t feel like writing for fun anymore. What I was writing for my job was so alien from the types of things I did in my spare time that doing the latter just didn’t make sense. Not when I could get out most of what I wanted to say in 140-character tweets and, as I began last fall, by literally just saying it instead of writing it.

I didn’t go away. I didn’t stop writing. I just stopped doing it in a way I always had. And now, with some inspiration and new-found purpose, I’m ready to come back to this form of expression.

I don’t know how much I’ll write in this space. I don’t know if it will be more than once a month. Or once a year. Obligations might keep me away. Either way, From Jake’s Mind is going exist and it’s going to be there when I need it.

Unlike my old blogs, which focused on one topic, this will be a free-for-all for all my interests. You’ll see me here after a Red Sox game or after the Bruins sign someone to help them defend their Stanley Cup title. I’ll come here after I hear a great album or go see an excellent movie. I’ll be here when something pops in my head that prompts me to create a list (you know I love lists).

Again, I don’t know what this is going to become. All I can tell you is, it will be from my mind. And isn’t that enough to keep you coming back?

Let’s do this. Again.